How a new ‘smart’ camera can detect people who aren’t watching

A new “smart” camera can tell you who’s watching your doorbell.

And it’s just getting started.

In the video above, we show you how it works.

It’s a low-tech way to get home from work without having to physically knock.

The camera is made of the same kind of sensor found in doorbells, but it’s not designed to record sound.

Instead, it’s built into a camera housing.

The camera records data from its sensors on the front of the doorbell and in the frame that follows it.

It then uses algorithms to figure out which doorbell is open and whether the person has left the house.

If you’re out of the house, you’ll see the “doorbell” icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

You can press that icon to close the door, open it, or turn it off.

If your door is unlocked, you can press the “turn off” icon to go back to the home screen.

But if you’re in the house when the door is opened, the camera can’t see that, and it won’t show you any images of the person who’s not watching the door.

If the person isn’t looking at the camera, you won’t see a “door bell” icon.

Instead, the device records data as it moves across the screen and is used to determine if a doorbell icon is actually showing, or if it’s simply an alert that the door has been opened.

The new camera is not yet ready for use in homes, but the creators say it’s still useful.

It can detect the presence of a child, for example, or a person who has left their house without knocking.

You might not be able to tell immediately if someone is watching, but in the long run, the researchers say that will make a difference.

In short, the video says, “if you don’t answer the door in the right time, the person watching the camera will know you’ve been gone for hours and that they’ve missed you.”

Read more about smart doorbell cameras:How to tell if someone has left a door open for you:

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