The Merkury Ring Doorbell Camera is a perfect solution for people who don’t want to carry a key for their doors. READ MORE

Merkuries are designed to be as inconspicuous as possible to avoid detection, and they are designed with a variety of sensors and sensors to be able to detect when someone tries to unlock your door. 

The ring door bell camera uses motion sensors to capture and transmit the location of the ring door to the Merkushury website, which then sends the video feed to the ring camera.

The video is then transmitted via Bluetooth and can be played back via the Merksury app or even streamed to your mobile device via a Wi-Fi connection.

It works with any ring door, and it is designed to capture the ring in a way that makes it appear that the door is unlocked when it’s not. 

In order to get the MerKury Ring doorbell cameras to work, the company needed to have a lot of money invested in it.

The company has now raised $3.6 million from investors including Y Combinator’s Andreessen Horowitz and New York City-based Capital Group. 

A video showing the ringdoor camera is available for purchase on the Merky website, and the company is hoping to get some early adopters on board. 

It has also launched a Kickstarter campaign for its ring door camera, and as of this writing, the campaign has raised over $6,000, with an estimated delivery date of November. 

If you’re a smart home enthusiast, this is a great way to make sure your smart doorbells are well-equipped to take advantage of this new feature. 

“We are excited to bring this innovation to consumers and to build a platform that can be used by anyone,” said Y Combination cofounder and CEO Sam Altman in a press release.

“The Merkurys are designed from the ground up to be more discreet and unobtrusive than a key, and our users can trust that our Ring Door Bell Camera will always capture the right information.” 

If this ring door door camera can be deployed in your home, then why not give it a go?

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