Aussie ring-doorbell company to sell to US firm that wants to buy it

The Australian ring-doorbell manufacturer Aussie Doorbell has been ordered to sell its Australian headquarters to a company in the US.

Key points:A company in Australia will buy the Australian ring doorbell manufacturer for $25 millionThe sale will be announced in the first quarter of 2019The company has said the move is for the “highest level of corporate governance”A spokesperson for Aussie said the company will “closely” follow the orders from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the sale of its Australian operations to a new private equity firm.

The Aussie team was founded in 2001.

It produces and sells the popular Ring Doorbell Kit and other products including a doorbell accessory called the Ring Doorbell 3.

It has also developed a range of products for home use, including the Aussie Ring Door and Ring Door.

Key events to follow on the Australian market: On Friday, the SEC announced that the US firm, Greenlight Capital Management LLC, had bought the Australian Ring Door doorbell manufacturing company, Aussie, for $24 million.

Greenlight Capital was founded by David Green, an Australian who had previously invested in the Australian company.

The company is valued at $5.5 billion.

GreenLight Capital was also granted an exemption from US law that allows them to operate in the United States, where they are required to have a significant presence, including in a “significant new development”.

GreenLight said the sale will allow it to continue to operate and manufacture the Ring Doorwall, which it sells for $20 per doorbell.

“We will be moving our operations to Greenlight’s headquarters in San Francisco, California, in time for the launch of the Ring Wall in 2020,” Aussie spokesperson Alyssa Wilson said in a statement.

“The Ring Doordoor product line will continue to be manufactured in Australia and will continue its successful business trajectory in Australia.”

The A-Ring is a popular and affordable ring door that is made of a polyurethane rubber, designed to help prevent knockers from striking the doorbell on their way in and out of the home.

Aussie was the first Australian company to create a home security device called the Ring doorbell that uses a magnetic ring.

The company’s founders are now based in Australia.

The Ring Door, which was designed by GreenLight Capital, has been popular with Australian consumers for more than a decade.

The Australian Ringdoor is popular with consumers in the country, and has been praised for its simplicity and ease of use.

It has also been lauded for its reliability and security.

In April, GreenLight announced that it had acquired the company’s Australian subsidiary, Rong Doorbells, for about $25m.

Rong Doorwall and Ringdoor 3 were both first marketed in the late 1990s by Australian companies Rong Home Security and Rong Security, and then by Australian multinational Aussie.

A company spokesperson said the purchase was made in order to ensure that Aussie’s products and services are “as secure as possible”.

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