When Google’s ‘Hello’ Doorbell Cover Box Came To Market

Google’s Hello Doorbell coverbox was one of the first products the search giant launched on its Android mobile operating system.

Since then, the company has been expanding the line to include a wide range of other Google products, from a pair of Google Glasses to a Google Home speaker and even a Google Glass headset.

In an interview with Vice News, Google senior vice president of engineering Andy Rubin said that Hello Doorbums, which launched in late August, is not only the first product to be offered in a Google-branded box, but it also is the first device to be available to customers outside of Google’s retail stores.

“We wanted to do something different,” Rubin said.

“We didn’t want to be the guy who was the first to come up with a product that was exclusive to Google and couldn’t be available anywhere else.

We wanted to make it available to consumers.”

Google introduced Hello DoorBums in the United States at Google I/O in June 2016.

The company also introduced its Android Wear smartwatch in March, which the company said was designed to offer users a better experience on the go.

Rubin said the company had initially planned to make the Hello Doorbox a limited-time offer, but he added that the company changed its mind after seeing the reception Google received from the initial launch of the device.

“It took off pretty quickly,” Rubin explained.

“When we saw the reaction from the first wave of people who tried it out, we knew we could do something special.”

The Hello Door Bunnies, however, do not come with a Google logo on them.

Instead, the cover box is made of a soft, translucent material that is easy to put on and take off, Rubin said, adding that the design is inspired by the covers of many popular toys, from Barbie dolls to Star Wars toys.

Rubin added that Google had to make certain changes to the design to accommodate the size and shape of the Hello Cover Box, including “adding a few buttons” to the back to make sure it would fit in the palm of a hand.

Rubin also said that the Hello Bunnys will not be available at any Google stores until December 1.

Rubin said that there are now over 20,000 Hello Doorboats available in the U.S., and that he believes that Google will sell more of the box in the coming months.

He also said the Hello Boxes have received great reviews from customers, which he said “really shows that we are doing something right.”

“We really love that we have a very active and enthusiastic community of people that are excited about the product,” Rubin added.

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